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They say "don't judge a book by its cover". Yet when you meet someone new, you will form an opinion of them within 7 seconds: most of that decision will be determined by their appearance. When people visit your website for the first time, you have one chance to make an impression about your brand - we're here to help you make the most of it.

Your website is your window to the world. In 2017 it's moved a long way away from being a luxury: it is a necessity in a world dominated by technology. Your website becomes an integral part of your marketing strategy: it pulls all of your activities together to an area where people can explore your brand, enquire, and hopefully become a customer.


This is all very well, but if you don't have the time or budget for a top end website, website leasing could be the answer for you: all the perks of having a professionally-run website, without the investment or commitment of owning one. Here are some advantages of website leasing:


  • Blue-chip expertise for a small business price tag

  • Cost-effective, no large investment upfront

  • Dedicated web-master to manage your business

  • Peace of mind while you run your business

  • Website updates always look fresh and in-line with the design

  • Customised designs to suit your branding

  • Expert SEO & content


Website leasing also does not mean you need to compromise on quality, and you can ensure you're getting all of the tools and professional management service. Before choosing your leasing contract, you should ensure your website has:

CUSTOMISABLE DESIGN: A website needs to look beautiful and show your brand in the best possible light. Even if you're a one man band your website can help you appear established, and the design needs to be aligned with your branding.


GOOD SEO: Search Engine Optimisation is essential for your website to be found on sites like Google and Yahoo. Without good SEO your website will be lurking in the dark. Make sure that your SEO is also customised to your geographical location.


A STRATEGY: Having  a website without thinking about its business objectives is as useful as driving around without a map. You determine your business objectives and your website should help achieve that.


GOOD USER EXPERIENCE: A great website should be easy for users to navigate, use, and get in touch with you. Good usability is essential to covert prospects into customers.


QUALITY CONTENT: Publishing good content and making it relevant is also crucial to your website's success: the key is finding a balance between what's necessary and what your visitors are looking for. If you submit and create your content, your website leasing service should include website updates.


SOLID FUNCTIONALITY: Your website can do a lot more than be a pretty brochure and a way to get in touch. Apps can help you reduce your admin time, become a payment gateway and run your business for you, so that you have more time to dedicate for other more important things.


SOCIAL INTEGRATION: A website is no good if no-one is talking about it. Even with website leasing, you should be able to integrate all your preferred Social Media channels and create a strategy to get people talking.  




At Mavericks Digital we bring 10 years of experience of working in web design and corporate digital marketing consultancy to website leasing for small businesses. We can deliver agency-worthy websites under a leasing contract, without the agency price tag.